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The Trend of International Art Fairs after 2023

In the past two years, the pandemic has had impacts on art fairs with internationalization, richness, and communication as indicators. The border closure policies have blocked the actual communication between artworks, artists, and collectors. Meanwhile the rise of interest rates, inflation, wars and geopolitical turmoil have also deepened the uncertainty of the art industry.


Does this mean the art fair is about to have a transformation? During the pandemic in 2022, art Counselor Jason Yen visited several important fairs and art exhibitions all around Europe. In the lecture, he will share first-hand international information, analyze the market trend observation of international art fairs, and lead the audience to understand the role of art fairs in the market and the distribution of regional markets. It will also discuss in-depth the post-pandemic era, the struggle for decentralization in the international market, and how collectors can see the value from the various collections?


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