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Participating Galleries

As the pandemic eases and borders reopen, international interactions are becoming more vigorous, driving an abundance of artistic energy unlike ever before. For many years, "ONE ART Taipei" has maintained open lines of communication with galleries in Taiwan and overseas, staying attuned to the evolving global art market. This year's applications have exceeded expectations, featuring a strong lineup of 68 leading galleries, including up to 25 international galleries from Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, France, and the United Kingdom. These participating galleries will once again come together to provide insights into the growth of the Asia-Pacific art market, solidifying Taiwan's position as a global leader in the art industry.


This year’s exhibition attracted 25 international art galleries which will create unique exhibition installations and international-level rich creations for this year’s exhibition. Art WeMe Contemporary Gallery exhibiting the works of Thailand artist Yuttana Chompupuen, through space and stories, audience can achieve tranquility, relaxation when viewing the artworks. DMOART from Japan, Under the title “UPCOMING", exhibiting the works of Saki Matsumura, a young artist who is gaining attention in Asia, will expand the imagination of multi-dimensional landscapes and sensations that cannot be felt in real world landscapes.


Gallery Aile from Korea with the curatorial theme “Nostalgic Touch”, it will bring the works of many emerging Korean artists, such as the works of contemporary painter and illustrator 박니나 (Park Nina), bringing the audience rich and healing works, full of color and humor bring everyone back to the most precious moments. GALLERY MAISON D’ART brings the works of cutting-edge French artist and illustrator Julien Pacaud, attracted by the strange style, perfect retro collage, vivid imagination, and the appeal of stories and emotions. Takeda Art Co. Bringing the works of many Japanese artists, such as the woodcarving works of Emi Sekiguchi, the artist focuses on the expression of color, and through these colors, it presents a more layered feeling.


Artists from all over the world will jointly exhibit multi-arts covering international cross-generation, cross-border and cross-media materials, bringing a rich visual feast to the ONE ART Taipei 2023 exhibition, which has attracted much attention and is absolutely eye-catching!

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