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The Development of NFT、Metaverse and Architecture Design

The architectural design on Metaverse has given traditional architects space to use their imagination boldly, brought new exploration directions to the construction industry, and provided strong development opportunities for parametric design. Without the limitations of real conditions, the development of metaverse emphasizes the connection between people and scenes, and how to maintain the operability and readability of perception at the level of visual richness and technical complexity, while taking into account the beauty of architectural art, is the key The fields and abilities that the new generation of designers need to face and explore.


As the space designer of this year's "ONE ART Taipei 2023" online viewing room, Chris Xu created a realistic virtual gallery with the vocabulary of modern architectural design, enhancing the relationship between people, people and paintings under a transparent and smooth moving line. The interaction between each work can be presented in the best viewing way. This lecture will open up the future of metaverse architecture to gallery management. When the interaction is no longer limited by time and space, the value and application of metaverse space will become the most plastic and developmental field in the future society.

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