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Special Present

Sphinx Ting X Daniel Rea Ketter:


Taiwanese well-known celebrity, Sphinx Ting and his friend, Daniel Rea Ketter, experienced salvage hunter, co-curated the exhibition,“MY WORD/MY WOLRD,”at Room 1614 of “Special Present.”

The two come from the west and the east side of the world, yet successfully collaborate with each other through art, which sets perfect example of people breaking the barrier of language and creating a passionate and fun world.

The artworks of the artists including Kai Zhang, JUZZA, Rafa Macarron, and Edgar Plans from Wuhan, Paris, and Madrid are displayed this time.

They create a brand new interactive “world” by making art as communicative sign. Everyone is sincerely invited to break through the barrier of “words” and embark on the adventurous journey in their artsy new “world.”

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