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ONE ART Taipei
2022 Art Forum

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ONE ART Taipei 2022

Held three Art Forums in the beginning

of 2022

Exclusive discussion from multiple perspectives in art

Topic: Has the epidemic made the art industry crazy? —— Let’s view the form the perspective of art industry regarding epidemic and art ecology.

Discuss the differences between auction and galleries from a media and curatorial perspectives, the value orientation of cooperation between artists and galleries, the current market situation and trends under the epidemic which artist should have to operate their own brands.


Speaker|​Nai-Ming Zheng
《Cans Contemporary Art News》
Editor in Chief

Interlocutor|​Emerson Wang
Independent Curator

Topic: The phenomenon and collection perspective of Gen Y and Z 

Starting from the viewpoints of young collectors, discuss with the audience the current trend of the art market and the phenomenon and trends from millennial collectors. The current exhibition also shows that a new generation of collectors have turned to purchase art online and can directly follow their favorite artist from the internet, the latest art trends is no longer limited by regions.


Speaker|​Matthew Shieh
Art Collector、Consultant

Interlocutor|​Sophie Wang
Taiwan Representative

The Club, Tokyo

Topic: The creation of NFT value,

virtual reality integration

NFT is a popular key word that has been frequently discuss through out the year. Taiwan’s art market has also discussed the possibility of incorporate NFT in large scale art fairs, which allowing art lovers to witness the rapid changes in digital creation of art. 


Speaker|Neil Lee
EchoX Co-Founder

Interlocutor|​Kelvin Chung
KPMG Partner Lawyer


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