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ONE ART Taipei
2023 Art Forum

/ Art Forum



ONE ART Taipei 2023

Presented two Art Forums in the beginning

of 2023

Exclusive discussion from multiple perspectives in the arts

Topic: The Development of NFT、Metaverse and Architecture Design

Explored the development and application of the architectural design of the Metaverse, as well as the future nature of the art gallery. Provides new exploration direction and development opportunities.

ig - Chris Tsui.jpg
dAb_攝影師房彥文 - 凱堤_edited.jpg

Speaker|​Chris Xu
Director of ZOUL Ltd.

Interlocutor|Ju-Chun Ko
Assistant Professor of Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia ,
National Taiwan University

Topic: The Trend of International Art Fairs after 2023

Explore the impact of the pandemic on the art industry, share the market trend observation of the International Fairs. Lead the audience to understand the distribution of the characters and regional markets in the art market.

220424868_10159237537385853_7001789087990186128_n - Jason Yen.jpeg
65C90407-3ADC-4AD7-8151-9198199E8F0E - Pessy Charlotte Lee.jpeg

Speaker|Jason Yen
Art Counselor

Interlocutor|​Pessy Lee
Creative Director of Space 8- by Pessy Lee

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