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The Arts in the

Post-pandemic Era

◆ Saying goodbye to 2020, in your opinion, what will be the development of the art industry in the post-pandemic era?

|Ryoichi MATSUO



    "New ideas from artists during the pandemic,
     Artworks with more unique historical meanings" 


Director of Wrong Gallery Taipei 

   "Live Streaming for artists as main trend,
    Possible rises for more emerging industries"

|WU, Chiu-Hsien

Chief Executive Officer of Lih Pao Cultural Arts Foundation

   "Pandemic as a crisis yet a positive turnaround,
    New business value created through digital transformations"

|CHEN, Kuang-Yi

Dean of College of Fine Art / Professor of National Taiwan University of Arts

   "New “Regionalism”:
    Changes to the business models for the art industry"

|HU, Yung-Fen

Independent Curator

   "A great opportunity for changes in Asian art market:
    Taiwan’s new advantages and subjectivity created through new national policies"


|Vince SU

Founder of VINS

   "Evaluations on on- and off- line business models,
    More contemplations for the art industries during the market cooldown" 

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