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Art and Only

The exhibition connects the diversity of International arts and a glance at the art world.

ONE ART Taipei debuts in 2020, presenting Art and only preview at the The Sherwood Taipei 5F (three exhibit rooms). This year Art and only Special Exhibition will be by invitation, there will be three sections: Trendy Graffiti, Contemporary Photography and Classic Arts. The exhibiting artists includes the well-known artist Daniel Lee, American female trendy artist Katherine Bernhardt, Environmental artist Christo Javacheff, Contemporary Chinese Artist Xue Song, Austrian artist Alessandro Painsi and Japanese female Avant-garde artist Chiharu Shiota etc. 

Time:Friday, 1/3/2020 -  Monday, 1/19/2019 12:00-20:00

​Venue:The Sherwood Taipei  5F(R509.R510.R511)

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