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Painting or Not?

On the Interaction between the Younger Generation

and Artistic Media

Charlie Y.S. Wang utilizes ballpoint pens and various media, including gold leaf, silver leaf, copper leaf, black leaf, and red abalone leaf. Through the casting cup method, fate determines the colors, skillfully delineating the elusive existence of lizard-like figures in the mysteriously colored artwork titled "If You Want to Speak, I Will Listen." Mayuno Kobayashi uses the silver precipitate "silver mud" to create "You Who Don't Know," combining two different images and overlaying two layers of different time and space. In the realm of graffiti and manga, it forms a unique charm. "Excellent Still Life Painting - Plaster Statue" is one of the works from the art background of Wan-Ting Fu's series "Excellent Still Life Paintings." It explores the core perspective of "social corrective techniques" and, through painting, reexamines how painting education has been handed down through the generations.

DSC02439 (3).jpg

The award-winning works of the three emerging artists, although all belonging to the realm of painting, deconstruct the possibilities of painting from three different perspectives: "Material Experimentation," "Ideological Orientation," and "Expressive Style." In this panel discussion, we have also invited one of the judges for this year's New Talent Award, Nai-Ming Cheng, the editor-in-chief of "CANS Contemporary Art News Magazine," to engage in a conversation with the artists.

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