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ONE ART Taipei
2024 Art Forum

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ONE ART Taipei 2024

Presented two Art Forums in the beginning

of 2023

Exclusive discussion from multiple perspectives in the arts

Painting or Not?

On the Interaction between the Younger Generation and Artistic Media.

The new generation of artists explores and deconstructs the possibilities of painting from perspectives such as "material experimentation," "ideology," and "expressive style."


Speaker|​Charlies Y.S.Wang, Wan-Ting Fu, Mayuno Kobayashi
Winners of the 2024 ONE ART Award

Interlocutor|Nai-Ming Cheng
Cans Contemporary Art News-Chief Editor

A brief description of the current art market in Europe, with a specific focus on France.

In 1973, contemporary art achieved its first successful auction, laying the foundation for the concept of art possessing market value. This further solidified the strategy of commodifying art, particularly in the United States. How did various European countries respond to this trend?


Speaker|Viki Kuo
Member of Paris-Taipei Express

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