Art Guide

How to appreciate art?

Don't worry! 

To help the audience know how to appreciate the artworks, ONE ART Taipei Committee especially provides "Art Guide" during the art fair. Professional art experts offer different themes of guide tours to help you discover the beauty of art and the must-sees at the art fair. 

Through introductions by the experts, the audience gets to better understand the spirit and minds of the artists and cultivate their own interpretation to each artwork.

2020 Art Guide

ONE ART Taipei 2020 also offers four “Art Guide” services, “Art Context Unveiled,” “Trendy Figures Exploration,” “Guide for Art Newbies,” “Art GPS for Collectors” respectively on January 18-19 14:00 and 17:00. Two experienced art professionals, Jason Yen, art market consultant, independent critic, and curator, and Hans Chou, art counselor, have been invited to deliver detailed introduction that attracted crowds of audience.

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